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Register of public sector partners

  • Comprehensive legal advisory within Register of Public Sector Partners in Slovak Republic
  • Providing services/performance of all legal and contractual obligations of authorised person for public sector partners
  • Preparation of documents pertaining to proceedings of Register of Public Sector Partners – verification documents, declarations of authorised person, confirmations of public sector partner, etc.
  • Preparation and filing applications and representation of public sector partners in all proceedings before registration body – the District Court Žilina, eventually before all third parties, in proceedings for applications to enter data into the register and in the case of
    • the first registration of a partner into the register,
    • registration of an amendment of registered data,
    • notification of the beneficial owner´s verification,
    • harmonization of the data in the register,
    • deletion (erasure) from the register,
    • filing an objection against the refusal of registration,
    • application for qualified impetus,
    • eventually others
  • Administration and management of public sector partners’ registration
  • Advisory pertaining to identification and classification of subjects as a public sector partners in accordance with the Act on the Register Public Sector Partners and the Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing


  • Registration and follow-up administration/management of registrations in the Register of Public Sector Partners for more than thirty Slovak and foreign public sector partners
  • Providing services and fulfilment of authorised person´s obligations for more than thirty-five Slovak and foreign public sector partners